What do you believe in now?


I was born into the Catholicism faith, however I do not consider myself to be a Catholic.

In my teens and twenties I practiced Wicca (Witchcraft) and learned a lot about the Occult Arts. I went into this domain because I had several paranormal experiences since childhood, and thought I could find answers within the Occult. However, in my thirties I slowly started to realize the effects that these Occult practices were having on me and my life. I had a series of misfortunes and increased paranormal activity within my home, up to a point where I thought I was going crazy! So I stopped practicing Witchcraft and started looking into other New Age spiritual philosophies. 

I thought by changing one practice for another such as Reiki (a spiritual philosophy) and Buddhism (a religious creed) that I would find the answers to what I was looking for, but no, I had just switched one belief for another belief system. 

I realized that I had been a seeker of esoteric knowledge all of my life, seeking outside of myself, seeking Gurus and so-called Spiritual leaders, all in hopes that they could heal me and lead me to self-realization. This is one of the pitfalls for “spiritual people”, they want so much to be connected to Source that they give away their power to New Age Spiritual practices, often spending tons of money on workshops, courses and books, because they believe it will connect them more with God or grant them spiritual powers.

This is false.

There are spiritual “tools” one can use to aid them on their spiritual journey, but you do not need a Spiritual Master to get there. Not all are bad spiritual teachers either, some are good, the very good ones you will rarely hear of them because they do not seek fame, fortune or recognition. They ask the student questions, they are there for them in compassion, they are not there to be their spiritual savior. 

When I had my Rude Awakening, I had let go of all Occult belief systems, idols and New Age practices — (AKA Forms!) 

Something in me changed.

Somehow I was starting to see the BS behind some spiritual practices.

My intuition was sounding my gut-belly alarm! 

Most people who come out of Occult practices usually turn to Christianity (to become born again Christians) which I totally understand why they do that. I respect those who have, because that probably felt right for them. However for me, I had to let go of all Religious forms all together. That is what felt right for me.

Please note, I honestly believe a person should use discernment and choose what they feel is right for them on their spiritual journey. This discussion is not to state what is Good or Bad, think for yourself and choose for yourself.

For me, I felt that letting go of all spiritual belief systems (forms) and emptying myself was what was needed for me, now, on my spiritual journey. 

I am only here to share my experience, if it resonates with you fine, if not, please no harm done, it just means this isn’t your vibe. 

So what do you call yourself now?

I now consider myself to be a free thinker, (even if that label or definition) does not describe me totally. Sometimes I think I’m more of a philosopher than anything else, but again, I hate LABELS! There are connotations associated with WORDS. For example, I like the words free thinker, and Free-though but most people define these words as:

Which usually make up a person as being an Atheist or only believing in Logic and or Science; which is not me. Although, I do believe in God/Source and think we should balance the Metaphysical with the Physical world, the common notion of a free thinker is only someone who believes in logic and rejects spirit, but I think it should be a balance of BOTH.

So honestly I don’t know what to call myself anymore, perhaps I have to let go of that type of FORM as well! 

So what do you believe in again?

I believe in Source

(in other words Conscience Supramentale (French) ~ Universal Mind/Universal Consciousness (English) 

I no longer call it GOD or think it’s some being-up-in-heaven

I believe humans have a Soul

I believe in our Soul connection to Source

I believe there is a metaphysical world that the physical world has not fully understood yet, but nonetheless it’s still real

I believe it’s important to balance Spiritual Experiences with Rational Thought and or Science, one should not disclaim the other or visa versa,

but somewhere in between lies the TRUTH

I believe it’s important to share our stories with others, to learn from one another, to be open and to be kind

I believe we were created genetically by other beings and they have placed a “system” of control over human beings and planet Earth 

I believe our Souls are from and created by Source

We are the sparks of the fire made to self-realize and have unlimited potential 

So when I will express my own personal spiritual truths to the public on this blog I hope to do so by providing:

  1. Research (information from outside sources)
  2. Evidence (scientific, psychology, philosophy, sociology and Historical facts that help to prove “said” topic) 
  3. Objectivity (report events, news, topics as neutral as possible, but able to express ‘subjective’ opinions about “said” topics)
  4. Debate (Debate subjects respectfully, and constructively)
  5. Discernment (Think for yourself, judge for yourself, accept information that resonates with you)
  6. Respect (discuss spiritual topics in a kind and respectful manner, honoring everyone’s belief systems)
  7. Humor (find the funny in this game called life) 
  8. Spiritual Philosophy (discuss these subjects as a playful game of study, remain open to endless possibilities)

So with that said, I am entering my forties with a new Blog venture, that and surviving COVID-19 Quarantine!


🌏 Until Next Time Planet People! 👪


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