☯ Starting a Spirituality Channel on YouTube! 😲

Is starting a spiritual channel on YT Crazy or Cool?

It’s pretty amazing to see, the amount of spiritual content that is posted on YouTube, now in 2019, compared to its humbled beginnings.



FYI: Me at the zoo – was the very fist video uploaded on YouTube on

Apr 23, 2005.

Traveling back to the year 2005, I remember a very different YouTube, one where the top video content were based on:

Sports (like snowboarding).

Animal videos (Flying Squirrel).

Random home videos (which we now refer to as fail or funny videos).

A day in the life of  . . . (which we now refer to as vlogs or vloggers).

It would be just a matter of time, before we all joined the band-wagon of this pop-culture giant called YouTube. Bringing in new categories and evolving its content.

Although, we still have these earlier themes, YT is no longer just about or for the common guy or girl posting their creative content, it’s merged with the music and entertainment industry mutating it into a whole new creature.

But that has not stopped the common guy or girl to post their creative content and communicating their opinions through their channels.

Yes the reigns of censorship, copyright infringement, and controlled content are the new parameters of YouTube with a dictatorial eye of “Big Brother is watching you” this has not stopped its popularity of over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, 1 billion unique visitors per month who watch 6 billion hours’ worth of video, at home and on their mobile devices.

What is even more amazing is the quiet revolution that is burring on YT when it comes to the community who posts videos on: Spirituality, Faith, Conspiracy Theories, Alternate News/Reporting, Healing, Health and wellness, Metaphysics, Food (such as the Veganism movement), Eastern Philosophy, Fitness such as Yoga and topics on Self-Awakening, Enlightenment and the Nature of Reality. There is an uprising of these types of videos on YT causing a riot of information that I believe “the powers that be on YT” are still trying to control to some degree.   

One of example of a more popular YouTuber who has experience censorship on YT with his channel is Jordan Sather from Destroying The Illusion.



Now more than ever, people are posting their awakening process videos, their spiritual journey vlogs, psychic abilities, alternate approaches to Health and Wellness, and questioning our place in the Universe. Bringing back to life Ancient Teachings, that was once hidden or secluded to only one sector of the world. Bridging the East to the West and questioning traditional Medicine, is there another way, holistically? Energetically?   Can we find the balance between the two?

Questioning the Government and political views. Are we tired of an elite system? Tell us the truth! We can handle it!

Even some celebrities are trying to break the mold and are speaking up about Consciousness Rising Subjects; such as the comedian Russell Brand — (bet you thought I would say Jim Carrey, I’ll get to his awesomeness later ;).

It’s just refreshing to have people in the spot-light talk about psychic abilities and other esoteric subjects to broaden the awareness of people.

These esoteric subjects are bubbling up to the surface, because human consciousness is tired of being repressed and limited by the elites, corporations, governments, archetypal religions and the old ways of living life. There are more of us that want positive change, truth and freedom than the comforts of what the illusion provides.

The theme of spiritual awakening is now seen in all areas of life, from celebrities breaking the mold, to social media tweets/memes/quotes, to the business market of yoga centers and consciousness driven products and spiritual marking and spiritual life coaches. However some of these have fallen into pseudo-spiritualism, the intent is trying non-the-less to evolve our awareness.

So it is both exciting and frightening to start a Spirituality channel here on YT, because this is a chaotic platform that can both embrace or suffocate you at the same time. Opinions run high as we all have a unique way of perceiving reality, so what better channel-subject to start here on YT than one about Spirituality, Healing and questioning the nature of reality. This is not going to swim against the tide, not at all right?      

Well if you’re like me, you go on YouTube to look up stuff that interests you, and sometimes that “weird-stuff” you think you’re experiencing alone, is actually a common phenomenon felt by many. Secretly spiritual seekers are longing to find their tribe, checking out videos to see if it matches their vibe “belief system” because at our core we all have a human need to connect with others.

So for myself, I am stepping out of the shadows, walking into my own light, and creating video content that speaks to my soul.

My mission is to showcase self-healing techniques, (mostly from the discipline of Reiki, in which I was trained in), promote consciousness rising subjects from Spirituality, Metaphysics, Eastern Philosophy, Channeling to other “weird-stuff”, and to provide flashlights for those dark nights of the soul, through Shadow work, and understanding that the awakening process is unique for everyone, but that the common tread is that you are not alone, in this.

I have 4 ethical principles when it comes to posting spiritual information online, and they are:

Research – Providing viewers with historical facts and background about the faith, culture and society.

Debate – Provide viewers that I only tolerate healthy debate, respect, holding space for opposing opinions without creating war between them.

Discernment – Asking viewers to practice use sound judgement, listen to your inner self and take only what resonates with you and let go of what does not.

Playfulness – Asking viewers to release self-doubt, and approach topics with the eyes and wonderment of a child, play with your abilities, do not restrict yourself, find the humor in life.

With that said, I hope you will visit my channel – Awakening In The Modern World – and check out my videos, I’m sure there will be a little bit of something for everyone. For myself you have to be a little crazy in the head, to begin with, to want to start a Spirituality channel on YouTube (or any channel type on YT channel for that matter) because it’s a Mad House in here. But that’s ok we can all sit down together for tea like the Mad Hatter and his friends did in Wonderland and have a ball — as we’re all a little MAD here.

What do you think about Spiritual channels on YT?

These are my TOP 3 favorite Spiritual Channels on YouTube by REAL-LIFE-PEOPLE:

1.) Channeling Erik

2.) Bridget Nielsen

3.) The Diamond Net


🙏Thank you for joining me today Dear Readers! 😇 


Starting a Spirituality Channel on YouTube! 😲

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Stephanie Lise Groulx


  One thought on “☯ Starting a Spirituality Channel on YouTube! 😲

  1. Dorice
    May 11, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    I read your blog and it is very interesting to know that you are taking the time to spread love and understanding toward other people who need help. I am sure they will listen to your voice and compassion.

  2. Dorice
    June 3, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Keep up the good work we all need it..

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