Yes, I am one of those people who want to start a blog! 💻

Greetings & Salutations! 👋😁🤝

Yes, I am one of those people who want to start a blog! However, I am also one of those people who procrastinate.

Raise your hand if this scenario has happened to you:


Lovely Lady makes resolution to work on her goals. Lovely Lady write’s out lists of to-do’s, and sets up a writing space. Lovely Lady creates a WordPress blog and fusses over the décor. After a few cups of coffee, and a widget tutorial later Lovely Lady finishes writing her About page. Lovely Lady starts comparing herself to other Lovely Ladies online. Lovely Lady compulsively rubs her cat, and starts to doubt herself. An advertisement pop’s up featuring Netflix. Lovely Lady decides to take a break.

ooh . . . Grey’s Anatomy is on!


Fuck Fuck Fuck . . . frantically typing words into blog post after binge watching 14 seasons straight!


I admit, I was uber committed to blogging when I first created this WordPress blog back in 2013. I said to myself I’m actually going to make this happen! and I did, for a while. Fast forward, five years into the future, and I still did not meet any of my blogging goals.

Dame you Internet, your to blame!

No, I won’t bull-shit you—my lazy ass is the one liable.

The truth is it takes more than enthusiasm to run a successful blog. It takes butt-loads of planning, salty-tears of hard work, a-touch-of-OCD for consistency, an-inner-Goddess of confidence, and last but not least a-lust for writing your content. Without these, you will half-ass your blog never to follow-through. I was frustrated with myself for a long time, but I have gained some insights into why my blog never really took-off.


I kept changing the blog theme

I must have changed my WordPress theme a dozen times! Always feeling unsatisfied with its décor.


I didn’t know what to write about

I wrote posts that I was interested in at the time only to delete them a few months later because:

a) Of the content of what I was writing about didn’t seem to bring in enough traffic.

b) I was too hard on myself when it came to my blog writing skills.

c) I kept changing the core subject of what I wanted my blog to be about.


I didn’t know who my readers where

What was I really passionate about? My blog started with a Weekly Photo Challenge from a WordPress blog called: The Daily Post. At the time I was interested in starting a blog about fiction-writing, and photography. Although, my confidence as an aspiring fiction-writer fizzled out. I kept up the photography portion (well-at-least-for-a-while).

When you’re a blogger you have to know your niche. That means you have to know yourself like-really-well— like-the-naked-truth-of-your-soul-kinda-well! Than you have to know what you like not just the flavor of the month. Once that is established you have to commit yourself to that subject matter, in order to build a following. 

I did none of these, thus why I failed in establishing my Blog!


I had an identity crisis

I lied. Well, more accurately I pretended to be a persona “online”. Not like any of us ever boosted our egos on here? *wink wink

My past blog posts were mostly mimicking other more successful bloggers, or so I tried. I failed every time.

I was afraid to be myself—full disclosure I still am.

One should write what they know. It took a lot of soul searching to figure this out. It all boils down to authenticity. Start with that and you cannot fail.


I was always starting things . . . and never finishing them

Back to my arch nemeses—procrastination!

Say you dated someone who always changed their style and personality plus canceled on you all the time. You’d eventually get tired and dump their sorry-ass, wouldn’t you? Well the same courtship applies to blogging. You have to “court” your readers for them to enjoy your content and come back; romance them even. This is the only way for an audience to fall in love with you and your blog, but that takes commitment with constant TLC.

When you start a blog you have to have the ability to finish what you started. Success will never come into fruition if you relentlessly dawdle. So are you going to shit-or-get-off-the-pot?

“Excuse me, as I visit the little girls room.”


Confessions of self-doubt

I didn’t stay committed to writing past blog posts because I was afraid of criticism. We all struggle with self-esteem issues at some point in our lives, it’s just when you write all your inner-most-feelings-thoughts (online) you do run the risk of being judged, well . . . actually you can pretty much grantee it! 

I actually never encountered extreme forms of negatively from the WordPress Blogging Community, which I find to be a blessing. We all have different opinions, and as long as we can respect each other, debate is a good thing. 

What had given me PTSD was my past experiences on Youtube. Trolling is the worse form of online harassment. When I experienced it first-hand it really did traumatize me. It lasted for months, and I just didn’t know what to do at the time to stop it so I deleted my YouTube account. That account had over 1,000 subscribers and was my labor of love, back in the early days of YouTube 2009-2010. 

Several people in my life have asked me: “Why do you even want to blog or put yourself out there online?” 

In the past I would have answered: “Because I want to be a blogger, to be noticed, to not feel alone.”

Now I would say: “Because I feel motivated to share my knowledge of Reiki, to share in my paranormal experiences, to bring awareness/education to those who have the same interests.” 

I’ve learned to increase my self-confidence but I’m always going to have self-doubt sometimes. 

Blogging is a journey you embark on, and whomever reads your posts are there to join you for the ride. It can be a positive influence for both parties, you just have to stay true to yourself and take the plunge! 

Okay, now you know why my original blog failed to launch. Why blog now?

Tweet: Oh . . .To Blog or not to Blog? That is the Question?Oh . . .To Blog or not to Blog? That is the Question?

I am blogging now because I authentically want to share my knowledge of Reiki with the world.

I started my Reiki journey back in January 2018, and will now play blog-writing catch up to post my many adventures with Reiki — the most seriously illuminating life-changing-healing-energy mofo, ever!  

It all comes down to this: My intent is to share my knowledge of Reiki and to inspire people to self-heal themselves. To share my paranormal, and spiritual experiences, in hopes to make some of you feel less alone (or crazy). To write about consciousness rising subjects that aid people to awaken. OH . .  and to promote that NORMAL IS BORING! 



There are a lot of New Age Spirituality Blogs out there; a lot of wise gurus; even more motivational speakers and they all bring their own unique style and agendas to the table. I’m just now entering the board room, ready to present my take-on-things! I may be a little bit of a funny-odd-ball but we all have a special “weirdness” that makes each of us special. Hay . . . if you feel my Vibe . .  . you part of my tribe. ☯️ 💞 

I may not know you dear reader, but I want to.  There, I said it. 😎



So . . . if your reading this blog I can assume you are a seeker (like your into spiritual topics or mildly interested),

what types of topics are you looking for in a ‘spirituality’ blog?

What tickles your fancy?

Mine are always the subjects on “How to manifest your desires or How to find fulfillment”

you know the easy stuff . .. that’s not already overly saturated online . .  😉 


😀 Thank you for joining me today Dear Readers! 😇 

✨ May the vibration of Usui Dai Ko Myo

aid you on your path to healing,

inner truth and enlightenment.


Yes, I am one of those people who want to start a blog! 💻

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Namasté 🙏

Stephanie Lise Groulx

🤚 Reiki_by_SLG 🤚


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