Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic [Entry V]

TGIF Everyone!

So this week’s Photo Challenge is “Nostalgic”. Which is one of my favorite words in the English language and reminders of yesteryears, well I am just a sock for the past. (°⌣°)

Check out The Daily Post for this Friday’s pic by photographer Cheri Lucas.


Here is what I came up with………….


This picture was taken on my iPhone and edited using PicMoneky.

I choose to take this picture because it reminded me of my childhood and my love for swimming. I use to run into lakes, drive into oceans and jump on the jumping boards in public swimming pools. Water for me is my Nostalgia. The dock is the central focus on this photograph as it represents the “taking-off” part and the lake is well an “oasis of pleasure” to jump into.

Water is nostalgic for me because it brings up vivid childhood memories. ⎝↯⎵↯⎠

The water of a Lake will always remind me of my Family. Going to visit my cousins when I was around five and playing in the Lake. The freshness, the crisp cool temperature with its sandy undertones, are precious to me. I love my Canadian Lakes.

The water of the ocean will forever be Florida for me. When I was between seven to eight, we lived in Fort Lauderdale. The beach, the sea, the smell of the air in between, are moments of true bliss and happy memories for me. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Water is my favorite element even if I am a Taurus and earth is my natural sign, water always comforted me and swimming felt like flying underground.

CHEER MATES ~ have yourself a most excellent weekend.



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